Avid writer, photographer, Campervan Capers blogger
… and experienced Cycling Widow

Born in Australia, I was raised in England and lived Down Under for five years in my twenties.  Before returning to Old Blighty, I discovered long-lost family, stayed on a camel farm, worked on a City Farm project, and got bitten by every mozzie around.

I enjoy drawing my observations & ideas together into whatever form seems appropriate – be it a book, short story, article, poem, or song.  I’m also an avid photographer and my images complement my writing in the Campervan Capers blog.

I currently live in Cornwall, England, with my cycling-obsessed partner.

Click to visit the Foley's Forum website

So far, I’ve published several books:

I’ve also released the following free eBooks:

All my work mentioned above is available in digital format; and Campervan Capers & The Jacaranda Trail have also been released in print with CreateSpace.  My Small World series of children’s stories is scheduled for development at a later date.

To find out more about me & my work, browse the blog or visit my Foley’s Forum website at www.foleysforum.co.uk for fuller details & for free-to-view articles, stories, poetry & photography.

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