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As well as publishing free-to-read stories, articles, poetry & samples on my Foley’s Forum website, I post discounted offers & freebies on this blog from time to time.  So why not subscribe (via the “I’m keen!” button in the right-hand panel) to be the first in line to hear about them?  Click to see Freebies & Offers posts on this blog.

In addition, I’ve published several free downloadable books in just about every format – so you don’t even need an eReader to read them!  Click on the links below to find out more about each title on my website:

Under an Australian Sky

Under an Australian Sky
Reflections on Life Down Under

Short works not included in The Jacaranda Trail book.


Campervan Capers 2

Campervan Capers 2
The Ongoing Adventures of a Campervanning Couple

A travel sequel adapted from the 2011 Campervan Capers blog entries.

Watch a trailer for this title!

The Welsh Leek Conspiracy

Wouldn’t you think you’d be able to find at least one leek in Wales?
After all, it is their national emblem!

A light-hearted travel tale from the Campervan Capers book.
Watch a trailer for this title!

The Intrepid Adventures of Ralph Ingleton

Ralph is an adventurer at heart – but his imagination certainly can get him into hot water at times.

A short story from the SHADES book.


Do you belong to an organisation, book club or other? 

Have you thought about getting freebies or discounted book vouchers to raffle to your members?  This is a good way for writers to encourage book reviews & to get the word out about their work whilst helping to raise money and spread enjoyment.

If interested, please get in touch with me via the email link on the Contact/Links page of my website.

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